The Basics

Our goals as providers are to be friendly and approachable partners in your care who are genuinely interested in you and your health. We understand the importance that communication and education play in the provider-patient relationship. We encourage you to be an active participant in your healthcare, and do our best to provide care in every sense of the word. We welcome patients ages 15 and up.

The Partnership

Your health is a partnership between you and your provider. It isn’t complicated or difficult, it begins with a good patient – provider dialogue.

You are an active participant in your health. If something is bothering you let me know, if you have questions ask me and when you need help I’ll be here for you. Prevention is the key to good health, so take the inititiative and be aware of what you can do to live a healthy life.


We believe that good health is not dependent on one thing or idea. It is achieved with a combination of expert medical care and your own healthy lifestyle choices including diet, exercise, and avoidance of harmful substances. We will work together with you to develop and carry out a plan for your overall physical and emotional health.


Scheduled appointments help us respect your time and reduce waiting, we do our best to accommodate . We strive to provide appropriately detailed and attentive care to each patient, and emergencies do arise, so please understand that occasional wait time is sometimes unavoidable.

Contact Woods Medical

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